Dedicated to MaryAnn Teutsch,  Owner of Paper Pizazz

(Thank you for hiring that shy, curly-haired, mouth-full-of-braces teenager!)

And all of you awesome ladies that I had the opportunity to work with!

My first job as a teenager, I worked at a little stationery store by the name of Paper Pizazz.  I loved paper, it had paper.  I loved pens, it had pens. I loved gifts, it had gifts.  We also printed custom invitations, which is now one of my passions.  I spent seven years making magical memories in that store.

Now, years later, I STILL love all of those things. I decided to follow my dream and bring my own unique creation to life.  Paper Pizazz brought me a happiness that I will never forget, and I hope to make Freckles just as special.

​​Carla Casey, Owner

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